Form & Function of the Tom by Marie Jo

Form and function meet in equal measures with the Tom bra by Marie Jo.

I often look for bras that are comfortable and functional. With good luck, they look as great as they feel when I wear them. While I have had luck matching all of those requirements before, the bra that I has become my “go to” is the Tom by Marie Jo.
With contoured foam cups and a soft fabric, I can easily wear the Tom for a night out on the town or as a basic t-shirt bra. What makes the Tom worth the investment is the multifunctional straps. The straps can be configured into many different arrangements, becoming three bras in one. With a quick snap I can have a racerback, a halter top or a standard over the shoulder bra.  I have to admit that I am a big fan of the circle pattern used to decorate the straps. What I first thought would be a detractor quickly became an asset. The embroidered circles bring life something that is relatively plain. And, I don’t have to worry about my bra straps showing, because these straps can actually become an accent for an outfit. Who knew?!

Marie_Jo_L'Aventure_Tom_Underwired_Bra-0120820-Scarlet-Product-FrontThe Tom comes in a variety of colors and shapes in cup sizes A-E. Strapless, padded, push-up and balcony styles are all available. Each style offers the owner a fashion forward, yet functional bra. I have found that I prefer the padded, heart shaped bra because of its coverage and smaller bridge. My shape doesn’t not allow me to wear full coverage bras. I often have gapping at the top of the cup that, until I learned more about bra fit and shape, would cause me to reduce the size of my cup. Which, as anyone who has ever suffered wearing a bra in the wrong cup size knows, caused me pain and aggravation.  The heart shape in particular offers the coverage I want, without the unsightly gapping that has caused me problems in the past. What’s more, should I ever have need, this bra will fit perfectly under shirts that have plunging necklines.

Marie Jo offers a number of options in many different styles and designs, but I always finding myself coming back to Tom.


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