How Many Bras do I Actually Need?!


One of the most frequent questions we hear as fitters is “how many bras do I actually need?” The really truthful answer is, as many as you can afford to get – although we do not ever expect people to replace an entire bra wardrobe at once. If you’re able to, that’s amazing, but we understand that the investment one makes in foundations is often gradual.

We hope that either right away, or over a period of time, you will find three great bras to use as a starting point for your bra wardrobe. This will allow you to not have to wear the same bra two or more days in a row. By giving your bras a day off between uses, you allow the elastics to snap back into their original shape, which will prolong the life of your bra and help to protect your investment. Gently washing every few wears will also help keep your favorite bras in good condition for as long as possible.


Over time, you’ll likely acquire new bras to add to your rotation, and ideally have enough styles that you wear frequently to help your bras last somewhere between nine and twelve months. We recommend a bra check-up at least once per year to make sure your bras are still supporting you the way they should, and this check-up is a great time to find a new replacement to something that is wearing out. If you’re going through any body changes, such as puberty, menopause, pregnancy, or weight gain or loss, you may want to get a bra fitting more often to make sure that your bras continue to fit as your body changes.


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