Strapless Luxury in D+ Cups

b03a65b154b5fdccc995da5e677b0ee9As someone with a larger chest I had never been able to find a strapless bra that really worked for me. They would always either slide down my sides or completely cut off my circulation, but always cut into my chest, leaving a definite line that showed through whatever I was wearing. This struggle started for me at a really young age and continued for what seemed like forever. Finding a dress for any school dance or formal event would lead to anxiousness and a ridiculous amount of stress. I would feel forced to shop for clothes that I knew I could wear a regular bra with, which was especially frustrating in the summer when all I wanted was just to wear something cool and strappy.

I even recall when shopping for a strapless, someone telling me they didn’t make many strapless options in bigger sizes because “those” people didn’t need to be wearing things that would require them. I understand now how ridiculous that is, but when I first heard it I was extremely discouraged. I felt like I just needed to accept my fate of either wearing horrible strapless bras or just always being completely covered up.

Curvy_Kate_Luxe_Strapless-CK2601-Biscotti-Product-FrontBuying the Luxe completely changed all of that for me. Because it’s made to give maximum support, it gives me the perfect rounded shape, partially due to its subtle seams in the cup that also help to give a little bit of extra lift. It even stays perfectly in place so now that I can wear strapless dresses and spaghetti straps I can do so without worry or annoyance.

Curvy Kate, who makes the Luxe is exclusively D cup and up brand, with the Luxe going up to a J cup which can amazingly support anyone up to that size. It also comes with multi-way straps that I’ve actually used to just wear it as a regular bra, which I never in a million years believed I would want to do with a strapless. To make it even better, the Luxe is actually one of the cuter strapless bras I’ve seen in any size!


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