5 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting a Bra Fitting at derriére de soie


Come ready to try things on

We want you to have an amazing experience – and part of that is trying on bras, often in several different sizes, to determine what will best serve your needs. Because every body (and bra) is different, nothing can replace the good, old-fashioned, try-on.

filler2Only bring a buddy who is interested in spending time hanging out in a lingerie store.

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed, so if at all possible, only bring along a friend or family member if they are into the experience too. We strive to keep all of our guests (shoppers or not) comfortable – but it’s a real drag when your shopping buddy wants to move along before you do. Our bra fittings are typically pretty quick, but we recommend budgeting at least 30 minutes of time – though we always love it when you have more time to spare.

If you are someone’s buddy (or mom), please remember to be positive and kind.

homepage_slider_1Not much hurts more than listening to a client’s body be critiqued by someone else. Bodies are bodies – and every one looks a bit different, even among family members. We’re relatives, not clones. Fitting rooms can expose a lot of different feelings – so please be gentle.

tumblr_meb4elfqfQ1r63ps9o1_500You are a person. Not a size.

Please don’t be surprised if your fitter doesn’t magically state your size. Bras, like people, are different, even among the same size. We care so much about how a bra fits you, that we’d like you to focus on how it feels, fits, and looks – and not so much on what the tag says. It is not uncommon to take a slightly different size in bras of different styles or brands, so your fitter will make recommendations for size based on fit and experience.

Cup size is totally relative.

Cup-sizeWe’ve touched on this in earlier blog posts, but cup without band means very little. How can you be a D cup? Well, you’re not a D cup – but you might wear a 32D. Heck, you might wear an 32F – it’s just a label. The fit is the important part – and we are happy to show you that not all D cups (or any other cup size) are created equally. Your 32D is vastly smaller than another woman’s 38D – but no matter the size, we want you to feel awesome in your bras.


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