…Working Out!…


As women, we all have a lot on our plates ­ so we thought it might be fun to talk a little about how some of the products we carry can make life just a little bit easier. Today’s topic: Working out!

Panache-5021-1Let me start by saying that I am about the farthest one could possibly get from being an athlete ­ if you ever see me running anywhere, something terrible is probably chasing me. I do understand the many benefits of exercise ­ and I’ve tried to find ways to work out that I enjoy. For me, this looks like purposeful movement ­ farm chores, hiking, sometimes pilates or yoga if I think to take a class, and on a day when I feel particularly motivated, low­impact cardio, so my recommendations are geared towards what I know.

In highschool, I wore a compression­style sports bra over a regular bra ­ because to me, nothing was worse than feeling distracted by too much breast movement during gym class. Fast forward to now, when I’ve become a collector of the Panache Underwired Sports Bra. I have two, and am always contemplating whether or not I really need a third. I’ve waxed poetic about my fondness for its superior motion control, but in all seriousness, it makes me want to exercise more ­ and that has to be a good thing, right? Extra bonus ­ this bra has an amazing size range ­ all the way up to a UK H, so for bustier ladies looking to keep themselves supported during a workout ­ this is a great option.

ANT-5527_lg_blackgrapeFor yoga or pilates however, I’m much fonder of a no­wire solution. We carry the Anita Extreme Sport, which features a moisture­wicking lining to keep you cool and comfortable, and a wider elastic band to help provide lift and support. If you’d prefer something even more gentle ­ consider the bralette offerings from Blue Canoe. Made of bamboo and cotton, they are great options for low impact activities, and the bamboo content is naturally anti­microbial.

Let’s talk bottoms for a minute. I think we all want to feel as fresh as possible ­ and thankfully, we have a really awesome solution. Knock Out panties ­ endorsed by Oprah, and by us here at Derriere de Soie. I love their boyshorts ­ though we now have a basic brief, thong, and control thong, all with the same moisture control properties. An extra liner keeps you fresh when working out ­ and can also help manage any spotting. They wash and wear well and are a lifesaver for hot days or intense workouts (or both!). We also have some beautiful stretch­Boxing Gloves with KO-1knit Miel bottoms, which feature GuardinTM technology to eliminate odor retention and keep you fresh in a super­soft fabric. As an extra bonus, they also make a lovely bralette with the same fabric ­ it is best for smaller cup sizes, but provides a gentle level of support and incredible softness.

We hope this helps you in whatever movement keeps you going ­ and we’re also really excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Barre.[d] Studio, located just off the Downtown Mall, for a really sweet promotion ­ keep in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram for more information.


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