Your Bra Wardrobe


bra-02We at Derriere de Soie have definitely witnessed the benefits that can come from wearing a well fitted bra. But not everyone has an entirely new bra wardrobe in their budget after a fitting, so accumulating bras over time is one way ease into one.

A great place to start is with two or three basic bras that can go under most of your clothes. It’s important to have at least 2 everyday bras which can be worn on alternate days allowing the elastic in the band to return to its initial shape and size on the “off days”. Typically bras in this category will be either nude or black, but there are certain shades of red and pink that can function as great alternatives under white (I didn’t believe it at first either) but we actually have a few of these in the store and online.

bra-01Your next addition to your bra collection should be some variation of a strapless or specialty bra to wear underneath certain clothing. If you’re wearing something backless we have several different options for up to an E cup. We also offer several convertible options that with adjustment of the straps can function as either strapless, halter or racerback. This is another great money saver because it prevents you from having to buy all of these items separately.

Another important part of your collection are fashion bras. Wearing a beautiful bra can give almost any woman a confidence boost. Having these with color, lace, or other designs can add some excitement to bra shopping and can make it something to be looked forward to, instead of dreaded as some women have felt. While not required, many of these have panties that match, which can give an additional bit of confidence.`

bra-03The last part of your bra wardrobe is a good sports bra. Exercising without a supportive bra can not only be extremely uncomfortable, it can also be damaging for breast tissue. Many sports bras are only compression but for those C cup and above, one that is encapsulating can be much more effective in keeping you supported and in place.

Finally, your bras are an investment and should be treated as such. A well made bra that is properly cared for should last you quite a while. We recommend using a delicate wash that does not contain detergent (we particularly like Soak and Laundress). Hand washing is best but if you have a delicate cycle on your machine that would be the second best option. Heat will ruin your bras faster than anything so dryers should be avoided at all costs.


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