Bra Review: Anita Active Sports Bra

I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive when I first tried my Anita sports bra. I had previously been wearing the Panache sports bra which not only had an underwire, it also had a great deal more structure. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised by the support and control I was given, especially for a bra without an underwire. To be completely honest, I’m not exactly what one would call athletically gifted, therefore most of my exercise is confined to elliptical machines and other activities that wouldn’t precisely be classified as maximum impact. The bra though is available in sizes A-H and have also heard great things from customers up to the largest sizes, especially about its thin, moisture wicking fabric as opposed to the thicker structure of the Panache that many women, myself included have found to be just a little too structured.

The main reason behind this superior fit is the detailed construction. The bra has seamed, encapsulating cups that hold you in place and provide a shocking amount of support, as apposed to a more typical compression style that simply smashes you down. While a compression style may work perfectly well for someone in the smaller bust size range, having an encapsulating cup is truly the best option if you have a medium to larger size bust.

Having a sports bra that really works for you can benefit women in a multitude of ways. The first is obviously that it will make working out a much more comfortable experience because it will protect your breasts from excessive bouncing. This bouncing is not only physically uncomfortable, it can also damage the ligaments in your breasts, which may cause them to stretch and sag. Another is that you don’t have to worry about being self conscious about people noticing this. Which, as someone who has gotten past this after many years of wearing multiple compression bras at a time, is a truly enlightening experience.


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