Bra Fit Diaries – You should NEVER have to use pliers to remove your bra

As a bra fitter, I’m constantly hearing horror stories of experiences that clients have had with bras, and many of them have the same problems for years as they either search for solutions or simply surrender. A recent customer’s account really stuck with me, as she had told me that while wearing poorly-fitted bras, a wire had popped out and had gone so far into her skin that she had to have assistance taking it out with pliers. I was completely horrified. Absolutely no one should have to go through this much pain and discomfort. Not only are issues like this physically painful, they can also take a serious emotional toll.

The first way to fix issues like these is to acknowledge that this is highly likely a problem with the fit of the bra and not simply the bra itself. This particular client was not only wearing a bra that was far too large in the band as well as being too small in the cup, she had also never been able to find styles that worked for her. After finding a bra that was the perfect fit and shape for her, I could see the relief on her face.
Wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause numerous problems. Not only can it cause wires to pop out, it can also result in poor posture, skin irritation and permanent marks on shoulders from straps digging in. Clearly these problems are not merely cosmetic and can easily roll over into other aspects of your life. If you wake up and dread putting your bra on every morning, you start off your day with extra negativity and if you’re so uncomfortable that all you want at the end of the day is to go home and rip your bra off, it can make an already long day feel even longer. Not only can a proper bra fitting benefit your appearance, it can also do a tremendous amount of good in other areas of your life.


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