#30daysofThanks – Part 1

November is such a great time to reflect on the year – what’s working, what isn’t, and what we are grateful for. At the shop, we’ve learned that practicing gratitude is such a huge part of who we are – it keeps us all motivated, engaged, and happy.

This year, we did a little brainstorming, and would like to share thirty things for which we are thankful this year. We’ll finish the roundup on the 30th of November – but now seems as good a time as any to start.

1 – Our awesome customers. Without them, we’d not only not exist as a shop, but also miss out on some beautiful stories and shared experiences.

2 – Panties with wicking properties. Serious life changers, right there. We love KnockOut! panties (and thongs!) for their durability, extra-soft cotton knits, and moisture-wicking gussets.

dogs3 – Our puppies. Its no secret that many of us at the shop go home to fuzzy dogs every evening, and that we love visits from clients’ animals too. Doggie Howloween on the Downtown Mall is also one of our favorite holidays, simply for the major cute overload. 

 4 – Caffeine. We love nothing more than a great cup of coffee or tea – ideally appreciated with a great book, a blanket, and some puppy snuggles.

5 – A great new bra – because really, nothing is more up-lifting.

6 – Family, friends, and amazing coworkers. We are so grateful to work with women who lift each other up, support their families, and are passionate about what we do for the community. We appreciate the support we all get from our loved ones, as well as the laughs and encouragement we get when our days are less than joyful.

7 – New workouts. We just had our first ever, as a team, workout at barre:[d] – and it was so much fun to bond as a team while learning some new workout moves and feeling the burn.IMG_2178

8 – Afternoon sunshine through our shop windows – the days may be shorter, but the late afternoon light into the shop is beautiful, and throws the most graceful shadows.

9 – Downtown Charlottesville – because we love people watching, trying new restaurants, and knowing that we get to work together with our neighbors for the betterment of the whole community. We are so excited for Small Business Saturday this year – and we think you will be too.

leaves in the window10 – Fall leaves. Because crunching them is just as fun now as when we were kids.

11 – We’re thankful for the men and women who choose to serve this country in uniform – many of us at Derriere de Soie have a personal connection to the armed forces, and we appreciate the sacrifices  made by those who choose to put on a uniform and do whatever this nation asks, as well as the sacrifices made by the loved ones left waiting at home.

12 – With age, comes wisdom, and patience, and confidence – and we are all thankful that we’re able to keep learning, growing and changing to adapt and live our lives to the fullest.

13 – Vineyards – because really, grapes don’t grow in ugly places, and we’re very lucky to be surrounded by some amazing vineyards and wineries.

14 – That feeling you get when you put on a brand new, perfectly fitted bra, and know that you can and will take on anything life throws your way.

15 – Saxx underwear – because really guys, they’re life changing. And who doesn’t want their underwear to change their life.saxx

We’ll follow this up with the next thirty reasons we’re feeling thankful on November 30th – until then, we’d love to hear, what are you thankful for this year?


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