The #Fortnight Effect

I’m a relatively new member of the Derriere de Soie staff, but I was a customer long before I started working here. I remember each of my early Derriere purchases vividly. The first, a lacy white bra from a sale bin well before I realized underwear is a seriously worthy investment.  I would later scramble to find the matching panties for that bra—who knew something like matching panties would ever be important to me.  The second, a lacy, nude set by Stella McCartney that would meet its match in an ex-boyfriend’s dog (RIP).  The third, a blavy longline bra from Fortnight.  The list goes on…and grows a lot more rapidly these days (lookin’ at you, employee discount).  I’m not here to bore you with an inventory of my lingerie chest, but I do want to talk about that third, Fortnight bra. To this day, it is still my favorite bra.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with all things blavy*, but this most ingenious of color combos is the least of this bra’s boast-worthy characteristics. This bra, more-so than any bra I had ever owned, made me happy.  

When I say happy, I don’t just mean that it was pretty, or I felt/feel pretty wearing it, both of which are true.  I mean it made me feel happy in all the ways a bra can make a woman feel happy.  It fit perfectly.  It worked with the majority of my wardrobe.  It was comfortable.  It was supportive.  It didn’t sacrifice any sexy to be comfortable and supportive.  It was well designed.  It was well made.  Let me say that again—it was well made.  I purchased that bra in early 2014.  Two years later, its in great condition and not for lack of wearing.  On a wash day, it could pass for new.  There’s a care component to how well a bra holds up (full disclosure: I do have one of those fancy-pants washing machines with a “lingerie” setting built in), but two years and countless washes and wears down the road, being well taken care of can’t take all the credit.  There is so much rubbish produced today, and irresponsibly produced at that, that when you do find a product that meets all of your needs and wants, and then lasts and lasts on top of that—its an amazing thing.  This bra made me happy.  This bra still makes me happy.  Just look at it.  It’s like art—so much so that I might frame it on my wall once I’ve retired it from my bra wardrobe.

*Blavy: black and navy, worn together.  Some people consider this a faux pas, but some people also enjoy licorice, drink decaf coffee, and wear tin foil on their head so that the government can’t read their thoughts.  My point is, people are crazy. Blavy is awesome.
Image courtesy of Fortnight Lingerie

Or maybe I’ll frame that picture of Alyson Bath as an homage to their shared and equal glory.  Only time will tell…

At this point, you might be wondering why I’m waxing poetic about some bra we don’t even carry anymore.  I’ll tell you why: we received the first pulse of our spring shipments from Fortnight this week.  Per the usual, the whole order is swoon worthy.  Their spring 2016 collection, titled Secret Garden, features pops of bright, bold colors and, for the first time ever, a print.  I add a few new Fortnight pieces to my growing collection each season, and I couldn’t be more excited for these to start trickling in over the next few months, but the piece I was probably most excited for arrived with this recent shipment.  And no, it’s not a second blavy longline (although this is something I think about from time to time…).  Primarily Fortnight produces bra and panty sets, and slips to match.  However, in recent seasons, they also release one or two loungewear pieces.  I have been dying to get my hands on one of these—can we talk about 2014’s BLAVY ROMPER—and I finally have.  The Faye Chemise.  It’s high-necked and tea length, but don’t let that fool you.  There are two side slits that come up whoa-high, but stop just in time to keep you guessing.  Its made of super soft tencel, created from natural and sustainable Beechwood fibers.  It has an edgy see through back made of Fortnight’s signature Power Mesh.

Image courtesy of Fortnight Lingerie
Image courtesy of Fortnight Lingerie

This is next-level lounge wear and I’m convinced that, for the right event, it could even be worn as evening wear.  If you have a bra with cute straps (one of the Marie Jo basics, for an example from our stock), they peek through in the front and give the piece a cute, casual vibe.  Like I said: next level.  We have a run of these for sale in the store.  That means only one of each size.  Each Fortnight piece is hand made by skilled seamstresses in their Toronto studio on a seasonal basis (responsible production and fair compensation for artisans: CHECK). We won’t get this again, at least not in black.  If you are looking for an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for the special lady in your life, or if you are looking to treat yo’self for Galentines day, or if you just want to own a beautiful garment that supports an awesome, ethical lingerie company, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE PEOPLE!


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