Are you ready to change your life?

We’ve written about Saxx before – so we won’t wax poetic here about how amazing they are (or, how amazing we hear they are – we are a staff of ladies, after all…).  Suffice it to say, these underwear are life changing.  

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 12.49.52 PM

The feature that is likely to be most important given our current position on the calendar? The material.  Softer than a traditional cotton boxer, the viscose fabric (sustainably created from wood-pulp cellulose🌳♻️) also wicks moisture much more effectively. Combined with the trademark “Ball-Park” pouch inside, you will be chafe-free no matter the temperature – and that is worth a little bit of poetry.


We just received a new summer shipment, and we wanted to highlight our new prints and styles. Our current favorite? A nod to boyhood whimsy, the thrill of wilderness, and your first campfire.


Remember, quantities are limited, so if you see something you love, stop by the shop!

Stay breezy ✌️☀️

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