Meet Katie – Bra Fit Associate, Charlottesville

As we grow as a company, we thought it would be fun to spend some time, dig deep, and get to really know the women who make Derriere de Soie such a special place. Hang out with us while we ask the standard, silly, and deep-diving questions that get to the heart of each person. Up today, Bra Fit Associate Katie, from our Charlottesville location.

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Q: Easy question: How did you find yourself working at Derriere de Soie?

A: Oh my gosh, well, I was in a life-transition and wanted a part time job that I could really enjoy while I went back to school. I really enjoy working around and for other women, and this seemed like a great fit.

Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

A: What’s free time? When I have it I love to make art, listen to music, sew, and eat good food.

Q: Most used emoji?

A: ❤️

Q: If you could win an Olympic medal for any sport (real or fake) what would it be?

A: Curling, hands down.

Q: Favorite lunch order?

A: Pastrami and swiss (with mustard and red onion) on everything from Bodo’s, all the way. Not super work-friendly, but delicious.

Q: What’s your favorite item in the shop right now?

A: Cosabella Curvy Sweetie in Raven. Made for being adorable while snuggling on the sofa.

Q: What’s the next big goal you’d like to accomplish in life?

A: Finish school – for Graphic Design. I’m about 30% done – and all in.





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