how to: buy lingerie you love.

Lingerie shopping, much like swimwear, can feel like a nightmare situation. We are confronted with our bodies whether we like it or not. It can be emotionally rough.  Supposed societal expectations nag us. Our insecurities rush to the surface. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Shopping for lingerie can be a wonderful and healing experience, that gives us more confidence, not less. Lauren’s sharing her top tips for making your lingerie-buying experience a top-notch one.
1. Find a shop that specializes in and has an excellent reputation with bra-fitting. This is the most important step. With a proper fitting, everything else will fall into place. Also look for shops that carry a truly broad range of sizes (both band and cup).
2. Does the staff make you feel at home? A good shop with have knowledgeable staff that treats you like a best friend. They want to make sure you feel and look beautiful and comfortable. Are they willing to take time to address your concerns, because good shop staff are going to take that time.
3. Throw your preconceived notions of what you like, what looks good, and everything else you’ve ever thought about bras out the window. Put yourself in the hands of the fitter & shop staff.
4. If you are building a lingerie wardrobe and can only buy one set the first time, go with a contour t-shirt bra & matching bottoms. If you want something a little “extra” go for a model with some lace & decorative motifs (Simone Perele is a great one for this).
5. Experiment with color and patterns and cup types. Just because you have always worn contour and padded, doesn’t mean you always have to. Oh, and age doesn’t matter. Stop saying you can’t wear cute & sultry lingerie after 50. If it supports the girls and fits properly, then you can wear it.
Of course, lingerie isn’t just bras & panties. A silk robe/kimono as well as a silk bias cut chemise can make you look & feel like a million bucks. And no matter your age or body type, it is perfection.
One thing to remember is “You get what you pay for”. Buy cheap, get cheap. However, you don’t have to pay La Perla and ID Sarrieri prices for beautiful things. Lingerie is a bit of an investment but it doesn’t have to break your bank. Buy quality over quantity.
Last rule: unless you are buying a duplicate of a bra that you were fitted for, avoid online shopping for bras. I know its tempting, but it is a big no. Trust me, been there, done that (made the bra donations/returns to prove it).

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