puppy and kitten season is here – but what does that have to do with lingerie?

As it turns out, more than you think. We’re in the business of support – and it’s a huge privilege to be able to share that support not only with our clients, but with local organizations that are making a genuine difference in our communities.


Our sometimes-shop-dog Frigg

We are a company of animal-lovers – and we feel an incredible responsibility to use our platform for good – especially to help those who do not have a voice of their own. When Lauren, the store manager of our Roanoke location, told us about the amazing work that Angels of Assisi does for the greater-Roanoke area – we felt called to help.

In celebration of Lauren’s birthday, we’re collecting puppy and kitten (as well as dog and cat) food, and some additional supplies, to help Angels of Assisi in their mission to help what can be a very vulnerable population. Spring means baby animals – and their facility does exceptional work to provide care and find homes for the influx of animals they receive this time of year, but they can’t do it alone.

Additionally – Angels of Assisi provides help to pet owners who may be unable to otherwise afford veterinary care for their pets, and they provided much-needed assistance for furloughed government employees and their pets during the recent government shutdown.

We hope that you’ll help us provide some support (wink wink) to this amazing organization. Jump on over to the Facebook event page to grab the list of supplies we’re collecting, and find out about a little treat for you too, as our thanks for your support.


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