Self-care everyday.

Megan here: A few weeks ago, I had, what felt like to me, a big meeting. Like, big enough to feel some stress – because I had a solid idea of what outcome I wanted, but wasn’t sure how exactly it would go. I don’t love uncertainty (remember: accidental entrepreneur), and this felt very uncertain.

So: extra insurance – wear the good underwear, and make it matchy.

Not me – one of our gorgeous models from the last “be our spokesmodel” campaign.

If men can have power ties and power suits – we have power panties (and bras). That favorite bra + panty set that makes you feel unstoppable. Best part – it’s for no-one but you, unless you want to share.

Why does this work? I have no idea – but in speaking to other women – apparently, many of us feel that wearing matching lingerie gives us the extra boost we need to feel like we’ve got it all under control. Maybe it’s the secret knowledge that my bra and panties match – or that I’m wearing some killer French lace, that makes me feel closer to the top of my game. I’m not sure what it is, and I’m also not sure that I really care about the why. I just appreciate the extra lift.

What little things give you an extra boost when you feel like you need it?

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