my mom hates wearing a bra.

I know – click bait. But! This is an important thing to talk about. Lots of people don’t like wearing bras. Some claim that they’re only around to make us miserable. Some see them as a necessary evil – something to be tolerated, but not particularly enjoyed.

My mom hates wearing bras. In general, I think she’s reached a point where braless might suit her just fine. But she also feels required to dress a certain way, and that means wearing a bra.

Thankfully – bra tech has sort of advanced. Things are changing all the time, trend-wise, but one of the greatest gifts has been the popularization of the bralette for many sizes.

For my mom – bras pose all sorts of issues – she’s very slender – her breast tissue is softer, and she experiences pain from the pressure of the back clasp, wires, and sometimes straps. As a bra fitter, this is a lot to work around. As her daughter – it’s even more to deal with.

Enter the Curvy Sweetie Bralette, by Cosabella. This bra has literally been a gift from above. No clasp. No wire. Soft, easy support. Powermesh for a little lift.

Curvy Bralettes. Available colors change based on season – best for DD cups and up.

It is basically my mom’s holy grail bra. And: it’s pretty.

So we’ve found bra-nirvana for her, and we work hard to find bra-enlightenment for all our clients, because we know, and deeply understand, that bras can be complicated. We take your needs and wants seriously, and do our best to scour the universe to find quality options for you. In the event that we don’t have the answer: we try to do our best to refer you to sources that might, because some specialty items are outside the scope of our shops. Rest assured: your fitter is here to help – because we’ve seen so many women’s struggles with bras and foundations, and have the opportunity and responsibility to learn from every single one.

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