What do you want to bury and leave behind?

As we wrap up the year – and 2019 has been a doozy, hasn’t it? – we’re thinking about some of the things we’d like to just leave behind.

With Halloween quickly upon us, we put out the call for our clients and friends to tell us something they wished to leave behind, to move on from.

Something they’d like to bury.

With the help of some scrap wood, paint, and creativity, we’ve put up headstones for the things we’re ready to bury and move on from.

Niggling doubts.

Feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome.

The lies I tell myself.

Toxic relationships.

My inner mean girl.


Fear of failure – may it never rise again.

A headstone makes it official. There won’t be a ceremony, but for these things – we’re putting them in the ground and walking away. These negative thoughts can leave us and push up some daisies.

What do you wish you could bury and move on from?

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