The Perfect Non-Fancy Pants

Although many of us love our lace and silk fancy panties, they aren’t always what we need. Sometimes what we really want is a pair of comfortable cotton bottoms. This might be especially true during your period. The best panties for this would be those that can be washed in a machine and then thrown in the dryer. Black is an absolute must. And besides during your cycle, comfy is often just what you crave. No fuss, no muss.

Following a multitude of tests, we found that the On Gossamer “cotton high cut” as an amazing option. This panty comes in both black and a champagne color. It has a high waist (at or right below belly button), a high leg, and a medium-full seat coverage. The crotch has a cotton gusset, the panty is cotton knit, and the trim is an elastic spandex blend. They are extremely comfy and despite the amount of coverage, feel as if you are barely wearing anything.

After several washings in hot water as well as turns in the dryer, these bottoms held their shape, elasticity, color, and condition perfectly. Shrinkage was minimal to none, and they actually felt softer and even more comfortable after each washing. I would suggest having a few pairs of these in your lingerie wardrobe. They function as plain simple comfort wear as well as useful during menstrual flow. Above all, these are your derriere’s new best friend!

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