Rising Tides Lift Us All: How We Can Empower Each Other

This week in February, we want to talk about how we, as women, can empower one another. In these divisive and stressful times, how can we lift each other up to succeed in our careers, relationships, passions, and everything in between? Phrases like “Girl Power”, #GirlBoss, “Squad Goals”, are all the rage, but helping each other succeed goes beyond hashtags and slogans used to sell various products and lifestyles.

Often it’s the little things that make the most difference in someone’s day, week, or life. Random acts of kindness can lift another woman up. Whether a compliment on that killer coat she is wearing or helping pick up a dropped box at the post office, one kind phrase or act can change a person’s day/week/year. Think back in your own life about those little things that brought a smile to your face and warmed your heart.

Another way that we as women can lift each other up is to support small women owned businesses. This can be done in numerous ways, and not just on a direct financial level. If you are active on social media, follow and interact with the business account. Whether hitting that “like” button or cheering them on about a new milestone, every bit helps. Spreading the word is another great way. Say you know a great female web designer and a friend of yours wants a website of her own; this is a great opportunity to connect people and help each other out. Networking and assisting in each other’s success and growth.

What else can we do to lift each other up? We can use any platform and privilege we have to speak up for other women. Supporting causes like Free the Girls, RAINN, local women’s shelters, and organizations that fight against female genital mutilation helps lift up and give vital services to women and girls who may not have the privilege and opportunities that many of us have easy access to.

So, this February and every month after, let’s be conscious of lifting each other up, and in the process making this world a beautiful and amazing place.

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