Stopping Ageism, One Outfit at a Time

Every day, a new article comes out titled “10 Things You Should Not Wear After *insert age*”. These articles talk about everything from what colors you shouldn’t wear, to shoes and boots that are or aren’t age appropriate. The worst part? The vast majority of these articles are written by women. Not only are these rules restrictive to our creativity, but they perpetuate outdated and sexist ageism. So, how do we fight and rebel against this and change things for the better? We deserve better than ridiculous and arbitrary rules made up to sell magazines and various products.

First thing we can do is look at aging differently. Is our attitude towards aging coming from ourselves or is it imposed by years of societal constructs? If it is coming from outside of ourselves, then it’s time to change our view. What we really need to ask ourselves is “what do I like?”, “how do I feel?”, “what do I need?”, “what makes me happy?”. Is my body healthy and happy? Does it allow me to do everything I want it to? Age is really just a number. We are often told that beauty and confidence fall away at a certain age. Well, we here at Derriere de Soie say a big NO to that.

As women we often feel that at a certain age we are no longer “allowed” to be thought of as beautiful, vibrant, and dare I say sensual. We are relegated to being invisible matrons who are of little value. However, this is completely and utterly incorrect. We are always beautiful and valuable, and because of that, we should not allow preconceived notions to dictate how we dress and feel. Do you love that lace bodysuit but think you are too old to wear it? Well, get that negativity out of your head. We know you can rock that and feel amazing in it! That matching bra & panty set you’ve been eyeing for months but worry that you no longer had the body you did at 30? Banish that thought now and treat yourself!

And now that we have talked a little about intimates, let’s get to clothes, shoes, and everything in between. Just like intimates, we should feel we can wear everything. If it makes you feel happy, then by all means, wear it. If bright fuchsia is your favorite color then buy that wool coat that makes a statement. Feeling like a miniskirt in your 50s & 60s? Go. For. It. Ultimately, clothing is an expression of ourselves and we should always be true to our wants and need, regardless of what some silly magazine or online article says. As women, we experience a multitude of pressures from career, family, economically, and societal. Worrying about what we should or shouldn’t wear at a certain age should not be one of them.

Ultimately, it comes down to loving yourself and not listening to those nagging and ridiculous outside voices. Wear that gorgeous lingerie set. Zip up that above the knee pencil skirt and put on that leopard print coat. Dress exactly how you want to. Like a friend of mine says: “Just bloody wear it!”.

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