Textile Profiles: Modal vs. Cotton

We are all familiar with cotton. It’s a universally used fabric. Everything from cotton underwear to cotton dresses, to cotton blends which are often polyester/cotton. However, many of us are not acquainted with Modal, which is used much more frequently that we know.

Fleur’t pajamas on left and Fleur’t chemise on right

A little bit about Modal. Modal is a semi-natural textile made from beech trees. It was invented in the 1950s in Japan and is similar to rayon, but is more durable and better for the environment. Modal can be combined with other fabrics such as cotton and spandex for greater strength. Although Modal is more expensive than cotton, the feel of modal is incredibly soft & luxurious, second only to silk (and drapes just like silk too). What makes Modal ideal for active wear, intimates, and anything worn close to the body is its moisture wicking and breathability. It is 50% more water absorbent than cotton. On the flip side, this does make Modal less able to retain body heat than cotton.

Fleur’t boyshort panties

Derriere de Soie carries a variety of garments made out of Modal, including knit pieces by Fleur’t and men’s underwear by SAXX. SAXX underwear truly showcases the breath-ability, stretch, moisture wicking, and softness of Modal. We have a wide range of Fleur’t items including tank tops, boyshort panties, robes, and chemise. Once you try on an item with Modal, you’ll understand what the fuss is all about. Who knew a knit could feel so luxurious?

A selection of SAXX underwear

You may ask: how do I care for my Modal garments? Modal prefers cold water, NON chlorine bleach, and dried on low or medium heat. It also requires less water to wash and clean compared to other fabrics, such as cotton. If you launder modal properly, it will pill less and retain its color and size for longer that other fibers. Modal will also require a little more ironing than cotton (make sure to iron on the opposite side!).

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