The Power of a Good Sports Bra

The first sports bra that the vast majority of us had was the “pull over the head compression style”. You know the ones were are talking about. Found everywhere from Walmart to Target to various sports supply stores. Yes, they served their purpose at the time, but things have changed and now there are options that will support and work just as well as your day to day bras (if not more!).

Front view of An Anita “Air Control” sports bra. It has adjustable straps and back

Here at Derriere de Soie, we cannot over stress the importance of proper support, comfort, and fit. Your sports bra should provide all three. Just like your day to day bras, a sports bra should be adjustable to give you the ideal fit. This includes adjustable straps and a back closure. Our Anita, Panache, and Sculptress models all have these options. Besides being better for support and fit, a back closure makes putting on your bra easier (who really wants to wrestle a tight compression style over the head, much less the possible damage and pain to your shoulders and arms?). Adjustable shoulder straps are also a necessity since we all differ in height and size. If you are tall and long, you might need to adjust it to the longest. Short? Well, you might need to minimize the straps to their smallest. Without this option, you breasts will not get the support they need.

Panache sports are perfect for full busts and full figures

Another option that a good sports bra will have is that they are offered in cup and band size, just like your regular day to day bra. This is especially important to those who have full bust and full figured. Without the correct cup size, the breasts will not have the proper support, comfort, and containment they need during physical activity. While no bra will ever stop any motion or “bounce”, a good sports bra will minimize it and keep your breasts happy & healthy and stop any pain that might occur with an unsupportive bra.

Our range of sports bras also come in a wide variety of colors. Everything from neutrals to fun neons & pastels. So, make an appointment today or call us for curb side pick up. We’d love to help you find the perfect bra and support you in your sports bra search!

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