COVID-19 Mask Cleaning & the Dreaded “Maskne”

Besides social distancing, quarantine, and justifiable general fear & anxiety, the COVID-19 pandemic has created another side effect: the dreaded MASKNE. Yes, even those of us who haven’t seen a pimple in a couple decades have woken up with a nasty red bump that knocks even the most self confident. So, how do we combat this zit nightmare?

First things first, washing masks after each use is an absolute must, and definitely DO NOT wear disposables more than one. Washing reusable masks should be done in hot water with a fragrance free detergent. Here at Derriere de Soie, we love the SOAK scentless. Washes out well and no fragrance. (Check out our ecommerce site or at our brick & mortars in Roanoke & Charlottesville). Another tip is to reduce the amount of sunscreen and makeup. You do not have to stop using, but reducing the amount is for the best. Plus, dermatologists say that most people are wearing too much sunscreen. If you use as directed, your favorite bottle of sunscreen and foundation will last longer.

A final way to combat maskne is seeing your dermatologist or aesthetician about possibly prescribing retinol or a glycolic acid product. Benzoyl peroxide lotion and sulphur soaps also work wonders. Above all, use non-comedogenic products and limit makeup. Wash your face regularly and drink plenty of water. And don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all going through this together.

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