Fit Friday: The Importance of a Properly Fit Band

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Yes, it’s true. The vast majority of the time, women are wearing a band that is too loose (this also influences cup size, but we will get to that another “Fit Friday”). You may ask “why is it so important that the band is snug? Shouldn’t the straps & cups do all the work?” Well, a properly fit band is extremely important. Look it as the foundation of the bra. The unsung hero. The rhythm guitarist. The stage manager. They may not be glamorous and flashy, but they support & hold together the entire production.

Anatomy of a bra

The band needs to be snug. Not constricting, but snug. When you are properly fit for a new bra, you may be surprised at how snug it is. Especially if you were wearing 2 or more band sizes too large. Never fear, you will get used to it and appreciate what it does for your breasts. The band holds everything in place. If it is too loose, your breasts will fall out below the underwire, the band will ride up your back, and your straps will continually fall off your shoulders (no matter how broad they may be), and your breasts fall out of the cups.

On the left is an improperly fit band. Photo courtesy of Panache

We do understand that there are some cases including nerve damage/sensitivity, surgery, as well as skin condition that do not lend themselves to a snug band, but those instances we are more than happy to assist with and make modifications to the fit process.

Another comment and issue we hear frequently is about bumps and flesh that sticks out a little when wearing a bra. Well ladies, it’s a fact of nature and inevitable. No matter your weight or age. We all have it. TRUST ME. I know we see a multitude of ads on the internet, facebook, and instagram touting the miraculous bras that get rid of back fat etc. The ads show models with seamlessly smooth fits. Well, that isn’t reality. Not for 99.9% of the population. Can a well fit bra reduce the back fat a little? Yes depending upon the design and client fit. However, the primary concern should be the correct band. Without it, the whole house collapses.

So ladies, if your bra band rides up in the back, your straps fall off your shoulder, or your breasts are coming down through the underwire, it might just be time to get fit!

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