Bra Fittings

At Derriere de Soie, our goal is to help every client leave with lingerie that fits their sense of style, their lifestyle, and that just plain fits. Typically, you can expect a fitting to take between 20-30 minutes – though some go longer than that if there are additional considerations to make. Fittings will start with a quick under-bust measurement, with a discussion of your needs in a bra, and things that you like or don’t like. Your fitter will bring in several selections to help pinpoint a great fit, and help you assess for yourself a range of selections. We typically keep a selection of bras in stock ranging from size 30b-44h – with some additional pieces outside of that range. If we don’t have exactly the right size, we’re happy to take down your information and reach back out when we do – and in some cases, we’re able to refer you to other sources.

We’re happy to take appointments and walk-ins – if you are seeking foundation garments for a special event outfit, or have any additional fit requirements, an appointment can be very helpful so that we know when to expect you. Our fitters have experience working with women at all stages of their lives – including those who have experienced a variety of breast surgeries, or who deal with mobility concerns that may make finding a bra extra challenging. Clients often say that the single best part of shopping with us is that we adjust your bra straps for you – which makes the try on process much more efficient.


We typically recommend that you seek out a fitting every 6-9 months, as size can change. We want you to have a bra wardrobe to pull from for every occasion – since undergarment needs can vary widely. Puberty, pregnancy, lactation and weaning, and menopause can all affect breast size – and you may find that you want to revisit sizing more frequently during those times.

We do not charge for our fitting services, and, while it is our hope that you find and fall in love with options from us, we understand that there may be unique circumstances where we are not the answer for you. In these cases – we maintain a list of resources that may be able to assist you in achieving your foundation garment goals.

To request a fitting appointment, please fill out the form below, making sure to fill it out completely. Someone will return contact you within 48 hours to confirm your appointment time.