Meet the Team

Hi! We’d love to get to know you in person – but we understand that sometimes, it’s nice to get a feel for the people you’re going to visit first – so consider this a quick little “get to know us”.

Derriere de Soie is woman-owned and woman-operated. This means that our team brings a unique blend of experience to our stores – and it means that you get the benefit of that diverse experience when you visit us. We sometimes think of ourselves as a place where, even if you feel like you don’t love the idea of going into a lingerie store, you’ll like to visit. Our space is bright and airy on purpose – and we’d like to think we have decent taste in music to make the shopping experience even more enjoyable. Our fitters range in age from 20ish to 50ish – and we think that is something else that makes us a great place to visit – you’re never too old or too young. It’s not unusual for parents to have children with them shopping – and it’s also not unusual for us to coo over pictures of your grandkids (or pets!).

Our stores are designed to be safe and welcoming to all – we’ve laughed and cried with clients over the years (prefer laughing – but life is tough sometimes, and we understand that). Dance parties have broken out – and high fives are offered freely. But most of all – we want you to understand that you’re never too anything (insert whatever keeps you from buying the lingerie and foundations you love) for a great bra – you deserve to dress the body you have with kindness and appreciation. And a perfectly fitted bra is always a good idea.

Keep reading for more about our management team – and make sure to check out the Meet the Team Tuesday series on our blog for more info about our fit team.

Megan Giltner, Owner

megan giltner ownerMegan is, by her own accounts, an accidental entrepreneur. Now three years into store ownership – she’s still glad she took the plunge. Early in life, she knew that the way she was buying bras was just non-sensical. Pick some that look nice out, go to a fitting room, try them on. Realize they don’t fit. Get dressed. Get more. Repeat.

As a very linear thinker – this made no sense. But it wasn’t until a boyfriend in college insisted that the persistent headaches, back pain, and complaints about bras were not normal – that she found a better way. Enter the now-defunct Miss Groove Intimate in Milwaukee, WI – where Megan had her first proper bra fitting, and subsequently first bra fitting job. The lingerie obsession started – and the rest is history. That boyfriend? He ended up being a keeper too – and is now proud to say that he has an immediate connection to the lingerie industry.

When Megan isn’t working, she’s happy to build things in her basement, tinker on her cars, and attempt to grow as many vegetables as she can in her yard. She and her husband have a young son, and a large, snuggly dog – and are incredibly happy to be living somewhere warmer than Wisconsin. Megan is also available to hire for speaking engagements about lingerie, body acceptance and kindness, and the intersection between the two – and is passionate about educating women on the importance of investing in a lingerie wardrobe for their own comfort and enjoyment.