Welcome to Derriere de Soie! It’s been a crazy year for us, and we are so excited to have our website up and running again! In the past year, we’ve gotten a new owner, new location, and a new logo, but not everything has changed — we’re still Charlottesville’s premiere bra fit and lingerie shop, and that won’t change.  We promise! We believe what has changed is all for the better, and if you haven’t visited us at our new location, stop by! We’re now just off the Downtown mall, on 4th St.  One thing you might notice about the site is that no longer has an ecommerce option (in other words, you can’t purchase products here any longer).  We think we serve our customers best when we can provide personalized service in the shop, but we are always available via phone if you need us to ship something (follow our instagram to see new products as they arrive).

We can’t wait to see you!