What is Your Lingerie Language?

Like our fingerprints, each one of us is unique in our needs and desires when it comes to our intimates. Some of us take a “no fuss no muss” attitude and prefer very simple pieces, while others can’t wait to add the latest lace & silk sets to our wardrobes. Whether you are one, or a combination of them, we here at Derriere de Soie have you covered.

The Comfort Queen. The first concern for you is comfort comfort comfort. Whether this is due to nerve issues or an aversion to underwire, the primary focus is absolute comfort. For this we suggest Cosabella’s Curvy Sweetie with matching thong for our full-bust clients (it comes in a wide range of beautiful colors). Another great option that comes in sizes B to E is the Le Mystere Sheer Illusion Wireless, matched with On Gossamer Sheer Mesh Bikini. Both the Le Mystere and On Gossamer come in a neutral champagne and black.

On left is the Le Mystere Lace Comfort Smoothing T-shirt. On right is the Le Mystere Sheer Illusion Wireless

Minimalist. Simplicity is the name of the game for you. We are talking neutrals, simple lines, and no fussy details. Three bras that really get this right are the Le Mystere Lace Comfort Smoothing T-shirt, the Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials, and the Chantelle Modern Invisible. Made of microfibre and smooth synthetics, comfort is also a big plus with these three bras. As well, all three have equally minimal and elegant matching bottoms.

Vintage Vixen. Harkening back to the days of old Hollywood and pinup glamour, the vintage vixen loves silk bias cut slips, satin robes, high waist panties and a well structured bra with a little vavoom! When it comes to a retro bra & bottoms look, Panache cannot be beat. Panache’s cut and sewn bras, for full busted and full figure, lift for defined projection and give that 1950s pinup girl look, without being dated. Their high waist briefs are perfect old-school style with modern lines & textiles.

This “Candi” set by Sculptress is perfect for those who love a retro look. From the polka dots to the vintage style lift of the bra, it’s the perfect marriage of old and new.

Fashion Maven. If you are a lingerie fashionista, the latest styles and brands are at the forefront of your shopping decisions. It’s all about the lace, the colors, and the new designs. Matching seasonal fashion sets from Simone Perele are perfect for you as are any fashion pieces from Panache and Sculptress (for our full busted babes). Let us know what you are looking for and make a wish list now! We also have a contact list to notify our customers when those fabulous pieces and new brands arrive in shop.

For you fashion ladies, this Simone Perele Saga in Ruby is perfect for every season

Luxurious Opulence. Nothing is too good or too expensive for you. Luxury is your middle name and “treat yourself” is a lifelong motto. How about a matching set from the “Rolls Royce of Bras”, Empreinte, topped with a silk robe trimmed in Italian lace by Samantha Chang? You can’t get much better than those two (although a navy lace trimmed bias cut slip by Mary Jo is a great option if you aren’t in the mood for a bra & panty).

On left, Cosabella sleep shirt. On right, Cosabella top & jogger lounge set

Lounge Goddess. Whether relaxing on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea, or working remotely from home, loungewear is de rigueur in your life. Cosabella and Fleur’t are the best brands for you. Fleur’t’s selection of knit, lace, and silk chemise & robes are absolutely delightful. If pjs and lounge pant sets are your thing, Cosabella and Bed Head are your brands. Here at Derriere de Soie, we love Cosabella’s wide range of pajama styles. Everything from a standard menswear-inspired sleep shirt to comfy knit joggers with a matching long sleeved top.

Above all, be true to yourself. Your needs and desires are unique to you and you alone. Have fun and enjoy your intimates!

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