We’re Moving!

When we found our home on 4th St NE, I had no idea that it would immediately usher us into a family. The friendships we’ve made are some that I will treasure forever – and I don’t take moving lightly. We had such a short amount of time to buy the store, pack it up, and move it – and it almost didn’t happen. We literally signed the purchase documents and moved in a span of like 2 days. We moved all our stuff over in one very long day, and the next morning, my husband and I flew to Iowa for a memorial service for his late mother. It was absolutely terrifying, and it would not have been possible without the support of amazing friends and employees. To everyone who showed up for our first weekend open: THANK YOU – you made this dream possible.

In the name of transparency, however – I want to share with you a little of the why behind our move, given how much I love our spot on 4th St. After August 2017 – it started to get harder to be on 4th St. We banded together even closer with our neighbors – but nothing will change the fact that to me: 4th St is a little bit haunted. People would periodically stop in and ask “where the crash happened” or “can you tell me where that girl died” – and y’all – those days were hard. Going before City Council to defend 4th St as a vital thoroughfare was one of the more terrifying things I’ve ever done – and I’m not convinced that the issue is settled yet.

So between the closeness to tragedy, and the continual frustrations about parking and street closures – we started to gently look around to see where we might feel at home. And I think we found it.

We’re not going far – just over to West Main – and we’re pretty sure that our new neighbors are equally as groovy as our 4th Street Friends – though believe me, I’m not giving up my pie habit. We will have customer parking as part of our new space – something that I am incredibly excited about. I dream of the parties we can have once COVID-times are behind us – and I can’t wait to welcome you into our new home once it’s all prepped, decorated, and ready.

We hope to be settled in and running by the second or third week in October. Please watch our social media and website for updates – as there will likely be a little bit of service disruption while we make the big move. And – thank you for your patience with me. We’re not quite up to full strength yet post initial COVID shutdown, and I firmly believe in walking before I run – so if it takes me a bit to get back to you, I am incredibly grateful for your patience and understanding.

To everyone who has stood by us these last four and a half years – to all the new and old friends – the cheerleaders – thank you. Business ownership has been a real trip and a half these last 7 months – and I’m so grateful to you for being a part of this family.

sincerely yours,

Megan – and the team at Derriere de Soie

PS. this means our spot on 4th Street – with the killer ceilings and sweet bathroom tile, is up for lease. Trust me when I say that moving out is going to be a very bittersweet experience.

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