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As we grow as a company, we thought it would be fun to spend some time, dig deep, and get to really know the women who make Derriere de Soie such a special place. Hang out with us while we ask the standard, silly, and deep-diving questions that get to the heart of each person. Up today, accidental-store-owner and home-made hot sauce enthusiast, Megan Giltner.


Q: Easy question: What’s your name and title at Derriere de Soie?

A: Megan Giltner – always Megan, never Meg or any other derivative. To my little boy, always “Mama”. At Derriere de Soie, owner – which still feels a little weird to me.

Q: What do you do at Derriere de Soie?

A: I do a little bit of everything, and that makes me really happy. I work on buying and merchandising, accounting, behind the scenes computer work, social media, outreach, and bra fitting – which is where this all really started. I got my first job as a bra fitter in 2010, at a store in Milwaukee, WI (it unfortunately went out of business). My second gig as a bra fitter was also in WI – and it’s the position that I feel I grew the most at prior to coming to Derriere de Soie in 2014.

Q: What’s your time look like away from work?

A: I love to cook for my friends and family – and I’m on a giant hot-sauce kick right now. I’m learning to garden (mostly because I like to eat), and I am learning to embrace downtime with no real plan – I get to spend some of my days with my toddler, and experiencing the world through his eyes is probably my biggest joy. In the evenings, I’m often working on projects around the house or knitting – and every once and a while, I get an itch to turn a wrench on my car.

Q: What’s your most used emoji?

A: 💕 and also 😍 – it’s kind of a tie.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A: “The only person worth getting even with is the one who has helped you” – my dad has this written on a post-it note in his office, and it really resonates with me, especially as I get older.

Q: What is a dream that you’ve yet to achieve?

A: When I purchased Derriere de Soie in 2016, I did so out of a sincere desire to see it keep going. I felt (and still feel) that access to a welcoming, and truly helpful lingerie store was so important, and I didn’t want to see it close. I don’t know that I ever set out in life to own a business – but I’m really happy that I started down this path.

I would be incredibly happy if this journey in lingerie would afford me the opportunity to leave a positive impact on the world – even if it’s just in small ways. Whether it’s through our bra drive, or clothing drives, or by being a safe and welcoming space to our clients – I hope that we are, as a company, able to do more than just sell bras.

As a personal dream: someday, I’d love to go to racing school and run a 24hours of Lemons race – with the very first car I ever bought.

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  1. Friendly, welcoming, safe and wise.

    All great adjectives for you and your staff, Megan!

    And, by the way, the Florale set that you helped me pick out as my Christmas present to myself fits beautifully!

    You are truly a wonder!

    Love ya,

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