Fit Friday: The Importance of Properly Fitting Foundation Garments

When shopping and dressing, most of us only think about how our outerwear and regular clothing looks like to others. We rarely give much thought to how our intimates make those garments, look and fit their best. Foundation garments are called that specifically because they provide the foundation under your clothes. Just like a building, your clothing & outfits cannot be their best without proper structure underneath.

Let’s start with why a proper fit bra is important. Your clothing, especially tailored shirts, dresses, and jackets have darts and definite construction. If your breasts don’t have the proper lift, they will not fit properly into your clothes and thus pull and tug in areas you don’t want any pull or tug. This often results in clothing not lying properly and giving the appearance of poor tailoring, even if the dress is a high end luxury piece. I frequently recommend to clients that if there is a special occasion dress they are buying a specific bra for, they should bring the dress in to try on with a bra to get the ideal fit. There are multitude of bra styles which all give unique silhouettes. A body hugging knit dress needs a different bra from what a retro inspired tailored wiggle dress needs.

Panties are next on the agenda. Some clothing needs a true seamless and invisible look. My best suggestion is the Chantelle Soft Stretch thong. Its invisible underneath leggings and it feels like you are barely wearing anything. Even those who hate thongs (I am one of those people) LOVE them and make it part of their intimates wardrobe. Another choice would be the Simone Perele Top Model High Waist Shaper Brief. This is an ideal choice is you need a little smoothing but don’t feel like cramming your body into the sausage casing that can be other control garments.

The Simone Perele Top Model High Waist Shaper Brief

Last, but not least, I would like to discuss slips and camis. Slips and camis can serve a multitude of purposes. The first is to allow the outer clothing to drape and fall on the body properly. It helps the clothes look exactly how they were meant to. As well, camis and slips can prevent the dreaded static cling. The second reason to wear a slip or cami is to provide an extra layer underneath clothing that could potentially be see through (that’s if you are trying to prevent against translucence). Lastly, slips come in both full and half styles. The full is like a dress and can come in various lengths. Half slips are like skirts and come in various lengths as well.

Finally, I would like to say that our grandmothers, great grandmothers, and mothers knew the value of foundation garments. Let’s carry on that legacy. You and your clothes will thank you.

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