Fit Friday: Strapless Bras For Every Size & Shape

Something we often hear from customers is a concern that they will never find a strapless bra that will support and not fall down, especially our full bust and full figure clientele. Fear not! There is a strapless bra for every size and shape. All you need is a good fitting and your new strapless will support and never fall down. Let’s talk about how we, as professional bra fitters, make this happen for you, our clients.

First thing first – you will need to be properly measured and fit. A good bra fit boutique (like Derriere de Soie) will measure and test various bras to find the right size for you. The most important measurement is your band, and it is that band that when properly fit will NOT, I repeat NOT slip down. No matter how much you bounce, jump, or dance, a well fit strapless should not fall down. Secondly, you will need a cup that works with your breast size and shape. What can work for a 34C will not work for a 34H. A 34H will require a cup that is more engineered and with different construction. And yes, strapless bras are available and support full bust and full figure. It all comes down to construction and proper fit. I love suggesting the “bounce test” or to do any activity in the dressing room that the client would be doing in the strapless bra. Dancing at a wedding: dance in the dressing room. Trust me, you will thank us.

Before I go, I want to get in to a few of the great strapless bras that Derriere de Soie carries and what bra is best for what size.

On Gossamer “Beautifully Basic Strapless”: smooth molded cup with a slight bump in the bottom of the cup to give more lift and volume. Perfect for smaller busts and those who want a little more volume. Currently, we have up to a 32DD. Includes detachable straps for convertible options.

The On Gossamer “Beautifully Basic Strapless”

Panache “Evie Strapless”: the crowd favorite for full bust. Perfectly engineered to hold up and secure the breasts, it is a padded cut & sewn model. Currently, we carry up to an H cup in this model.

On the left is the Panache “Evie strapless”. On the left is the Simone Perele “Eden Strapless”

Simone Perele “Eden”: smooth molded cups with no extra padding at the bottom. Includes detachable straps for convertible options.

Marie Jo “Tom strapless”

Marie Jo “Tom” strapless

Sculptress “Dana”: Identical to the Panache “Evie Strapless”, but created for full-figure with larger bands.

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