#30DaysofThanks – Part 2

As promised, part 2 of our #30DaysofThanks – and we certainly have a lot to be grateful for this year.

16 – The best neighbors ever. The Downtown Mall has a phenomenal group of retailers – and this year, many joined us to reward our customers for shopping local on #smallbusinesssaturday.

17 – We said it before, but it is worth being doubly grateful: our customers, both returning and new, for believing in us and for shopping local everyday, not just once per year.

18 – Foam rollers – because we took that Barre class as a shop – and needed to soothe some sore muscles afterwards.

19 – Thanksgiving Dinner. Even if making a whole turkey is intimidating, and pies take awhile, we are all thankful for the feast. And the leftovers.

20 – Pjs. All the Pjs. We especially love new options from Love+Grace, Addiction Douceur, and Cosabella.

21 – Similarly to the above – we’re loving robes this time of year, and are thankful that Natori makes a premium option, for a very reasonable price. When that weather turns frightful – snuggle in with a robe and a book.

22 – Book recommendations. Many of us at the shop love to read, and periodically swap titles – its amazing to have a little tiny book club going on amongst bra fitters.

23 – Innovation in the lingerie industry. We’re so happy to see new brands starting up, new options on the market for different skin tones, sizes, and body shapes, and technological advances in fabrics that are designed to improve the wearing experience.

24 – Christmas decorations going up after Thanksgiving. We love both – but one holiday at a time is enough for us.

25 – Being able to have a few blooms in the shop in November. We love a good pop of color, and it’s nice to think that, while we love winter, spring isn’t that far away.

26 – Tights-weather. Nothing says fall like breaking out our favorite opaque leg wear.

27 – The smell of a wood-burning stove or fireplace. Woodsy, rustic, cozy, and definitely something to be thankful for.

28 – Crockpot meals. Thanks to the crockpot, a hot, hearty meal is only 6-8 hours away – and requires almost no effort. That’s a cooking concept we can get behind.

29 – The weather in Virginia for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. 70 degrees in November? Yes please.

30 – The last, and possibly most important thing we are thankful for this year, is simply the ability to do what we love. We are honored to serve the Charlottesville area and be your bra store – and we appreciate all the support we’ve received from the community over the years. It’s a pleasure, and we’re grateful everyday to come in, work with amazing women, and know that we can make a difference.

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