Better than Basic

It’s no secret that we carry Charlottesville’s best selection of lingerie (and lingerie sizes).  When you want pretty, frilly, sexy—you know where to go! But, it’s not as well known that we also carry a growing selection of everyday basics.

basicsIt feels empowering and fun to wear a matching bra and panty set, but let’s be real: who does that everyday? Even among our staff, who likely have enough collective underwear to clothe an army (of ladies!), we rarely find ourselves in matched sets.  There’s no secret here. When you get dressed in the morning, chances are you’re feeling being comfortable more than being fancy—and that’s more than okay, that’s normal.


As a lingerie store we want to be your go-to for sexy, but as a store full of working women, we also want to be your go-to for functional foundations that you can’t quit. Pieces that work with you and your wardrobe to maximize potential without sacrificing any ease.

You’d be surprised how difficult finding brands and items that fit that bill has been…

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These days, finding anything 100% cotton is nigh on impossible.  Basics that once upon a time were exclusively available in cotton are now almost always blended with elastane, spandex, polyester…you name it.  The market is inundated with synthetic blends – and there’s a reason for this. Adding a little stretch serves multiple purposes – it helps the garment fit better for a wider range of body types, and it helps the garment maintain that fit throughout the day and over multiple washings. We can’t find 100% cotton panties, but we have found 98-99% cotton panties from Yummie Tummie and Naked that we think you will love (we sure do!). Beyond cotton, there’s a growing revolution in the world of everyday undies: plant fiber fabrics. Specifically, bamboo and beechwood fabrics are increasingly common.  We jumped on that bandwagon awhile ago with our men’s line, Saxx, but this past year we incorporated White Rabbit panties and bralettes into our selection of always-available-basics. This company started as a small, NY based start-up, but has been gaining popularity rapidly and we think we know why–their bamboo based products are comfy, easy, and green to boot.  basics7

Stop by the store to see the selection — we worked hard to curate everyday basics that we love and think you will too!

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