Fit Friday: What are Bra Straps Really For???

First, let me start by saying: your bra straps are not meant to do the majority of support. Nope, that is what the band is for. The straps are more of a minor role. In this “Fit Friday” post, we will be talking about the purpose of bra straps, bra strap position in bra construction & how it affects your fit and needs, as well as bra strap adjustment.

What are your bra-straps for? Yes, they do a little lifting, but most of all, they act as an anchor for the bra. They assist with positioning, lift, and keep the cups in place so you don’t fall out. From my experience, this is especially important with unlined demi bras. Straps also vary in width. With larger sizes (both band & cup), the straps are usually wider and may have a slight cushion at shoulder level.

A common issue with your straps is they slide off your shoulders. This could be for a number of reasons. The first is that your band is too loose and is riding up your back. As it rides up your back, the straps become loose and slip off the shoulders. The remedy to this is not shorten the straps, but go get a proper bra fitting. Once the band is correct, it will no longer ride up your back. Another reason for slippage is that the straps are just too loose. Adjust them to fit your body better. This is often the case with our shorter and petite customers. The final reason is due to narrow and/or sloping shoulders. How to resolve this, you may ask? In this case, it is fixed by finding a bra with straps that are positioned closer to the spine. The closer they are together, the less likely to fall off narrow and sloping shoulders. Besides the location of the strap on the bra for fit, you can also look for convertible and similar styles.

A proper bra fitting will help you find the optimal style for your body & figure. Your breasts will thank you!

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